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What Do Texans Pay in State Taxes Per Gallon of Gas?

President Joe Biden is considering a federal gas tax holiday to temporarily suspend fuel excise tax -- what would it look like if Texas did the same thing?

NBC 5 News

Amid rising gas prices, President Joe Biden is said to be considering a gas tax holiday.

The holiday would suspend the federal gas tax, lowering the price of a gallon of gas nationwide by 18.4 cents.

However, Biden's proposal would not remove states' tax rate which differs from the federal number. Below is a look at how Texas' state gas tax rate stacks up against those of other states around the country.

While suspending the tax would be a welcome short-term change for drivers, it could have a long-term cost. The federal gas tax is the primary source to fund infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and overpasses.

While there has been no state proposal to suspend Texas' fuel excise tax, according to the comptroller the Lone Star State similarly uses its gas tax to "build and maintain state highways, roads and bridges" so any suspension, while a relief to Texas drivers, could impact those programs.

It has already been documented that rising inflation is slowing infrastructure projects or completely postponing them. The potential suspension of federal and/or gas taxes would be expected to exacerbate the delays.

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