San Antonio

Texas man gets into a deadly shootout with suspected thief after tracking down his stolen truck

NBC 5 News

A man who was tracked down his truck after it was stolen, got into a deadly shootout with one of the suspects accused of taking his vehicle in San Antonio on Thursday.

According to the San Antonio Police Department in a news conference, the man located his Ford truck in the parking lot of the South Park Mall. After observing a man and woman inside the vehicle, the owner of the stolen truck called the police while confronting the individuals and holding them at gunpoint.

The owner made the man sit on one of the vehicle’s tires.

While waiting on police to arrive, officers say the suspect then took out a gun from his waistband and shot the owner of the stolen truck. The owner returned fire and shot the suspect, and he later died in the parking lot.

The woman was also shot, and authorities said earlier this week she was in critical condition. The owner of the truck was in stable condition, and they were both taken to the hospital.

During the conference, police said people should call law enforcement if their vehicle is stolen.

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