Sex Offender Convicted in Dallas Arrested in Arizona

rudy chirinos hernandez

U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested a 29-year-old Honduran man after he illegally entered the United States south of Sells, Arizona, Thursday, April 2.

Rudy Chirinos-Hernandez was convicted on Sexual Assault Against a Child in Dallas in 2012.

Hernandez was sentenced to two years in prison for the felony offense,

Hernandez was initially brought to a mobile command center for expulsion under Title 42 authority.

Criminal records checks revealed Hernandez's dangerous criminal past. Therefore, prosecution for re-entry of a convicted felon was sought instead of immediate expulsion to Mexico.

Title 42 executive actions allow agents to limit the further introduction of COVID-19 by expelling certain individuals who enter the United States illegally as quickly as possible while continuing border security operations.

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