Homecoming May Feature ‘Mum Mask' This Year

A woman in Rusk may have come up with the ultimate 2020 homecoming accessory

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The Year 2020 has seen many adaptations, like drive-through graduations, birthday parades and hospital visits through windows.

The latest adaptation may be to homecoming.

In the past, the 'everything's bigger in Texas' mantra has taken over the homecoming tradition with massive mums that sometimes make it impossible to see the person wearing it.

Now, Shay Mueller from Rusk has come up with what may a new Texas tradition during the pandemic, the mum mask.

"I was laying in bed one night it just came into my head. i jumped up and went and started making them in my craft room," said Mueller. "I'm always trying to think of something new, everyone's gotta wear a mask, what better way to remember homecoming 2020 than a mum mask!"

Mueller says the response on her Facebook page has been overwhelming. She's even gotten requests from as far away as Florida and Colorado.

Obviously you wouldn't want to wear the masks every day since they are covered in glitter, but the idea is a cute look for a quick photo op or keepsake.

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