Texas First Lady Surveys Van Tornado Damage

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott traveled to Van on Wednesday to be briefed on tornado recovery efforts.

“I have to tell you when I drove up here, it’s overwhelming, the devastation,” said Abbott. “I cannot even imagine this being your community and to see the devastation.”

Abbott met with teachers and staff, and walked through Van Middle School, which sustained damage.

“While I am sad to see this, I am unbelievably happy and hopeful to see all that is going on here to move forward,” said Abbott

She talked about teachers and staff already being back at school.

Abbott added that she is amazed and inspired by the people of Van pulling together.

“It just to me shows the spirit of Texas. The spirit of Van,” said Abbott.

Throughout Van, volunteers are helping people, whose lives have been changed forever.

Brenda Westmoreland says the volunteers have been great. She has somebody’s else’s home in her yard, her own is damaged. But Westmoreland is not complaining, saying this has been a roller coaster of emotions.

“It’s overwhelming. One day it seems like everything is coming together. Then you look over there,” Westmoreland said.

Where houses once stood are now piles of debris. But in the debris, things like computers and dolls are reminders they were not just houses. They were homes.

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