Texas Dog Injured During Run-in with a Porcupine

A miniature schnauzer named Duke is recovering after his encounter with a porcupine in Sweeny.

The run-in happened Saturday night when Susan Vicars heard a strange noise during a storm and went outside to investigate why her dogs were barking nonstop.

That's when Vicars saw a large porcupine by the tire of one of the family's trucks. She snapped a picture and hurried back inside.

Vicars then noticed her miniature schnauzer, Duke, had three quills in his throat.

She took a photo of the quills, which were longer than her hand.

"Seeing hogs is one thing, but to have an encounter with this huge thing is a whole different story," said Vicars.

Vicars said the quills are out and Duke is recovering quite well, he was able to walk Monday morning.

Vicars said Monday afternoon, she found out a neighbor raises exotic animals and the porcupine escaped a month and half ago and he's been looking for her ever since.

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