Texas Connects Us: Women's Surf Club

Some women do book club, others enjoy fellowship over Bible study. But have you heard about DFW's women-only surf club?

"We meet up once a week on Wednesday's and it's whoever wants to come, " said Tanya Zielinski. "Sometimes it's a core group of five or six people, but sometimes we get totally new people. Last year, we had someone who just dropped in from Switzerland. She just came to one session, but that was pretty cool."

They've been meeting for several years at Lake Lewisville to wake surf behind a boat.

Pam McWhorter, who drives the boat, started the group.

"When you think of surfers, you probably don't think of a bunch of ladies, " Pam said. "Most of us are probably over 50. We really just like to relax with each other, we really don't worry about much."

These women are making their own waves and laughter is a must.

"Once you get in the right spot and drop into that pocket, I don't know what it is," Tanya added. "Everybody just breaks into this big grin. It's just inherently a good thing. It's never a bad time."

If you'd like to join them, learning more by clicking here. They welcome the new company.

"There's a little bit of competition to it, but really it's mostly supportive, " Tanya said. "We love to see each other grow and succeed and get better."

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