Texas Connects Us: The Perfect Shot

The Texas Christian University football team continues to shoot up the national rankings.

But it's a group of girls who are creating the buzz on campus Friday.

The TCU women's rifle team is one of the best programs in the country and they're led by Olympic hopeful Mindy Miles.

"It's my life," Mindy said of shooting guns. "It's something I grew up around."

As a kid in Weatherford, Mindy loved shooting guns with her dad.

"Just going hunting with him, going to the range," she said. "He's really into ammo and testing the best stuff for guns. I remember just sitting there watching him from the back of the car and just the smell of the powder after he'd shoot and I think 'this is one of the best smells ever.' He would set up little balloons like 100 yards away and I'd shoot it and be so happy. He would put water in them and it would blow up and I loved blowing stuff up."

Now, Miles is one of the best shooters in the country, on a team that's only lost one match. And they lost by just one shot.

At a tournament last year, Mindy shot a perfect score. She's only the fifth collegiate athlete ever to do it.

"It's not quite like shooting tin cans off the fence post," joked TCU head coach Karen Monez. "What you are shooting at is what we describe as a dot at the end of a sentence."

Mindy's come a long way since her days in the deer stand.

Her teammates have their eyes set on a bigger target, too.

A third national championship in seven years is now in the cross-hairs.

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