Texas Connects Us: The Music Man

Irving is home to a building full of special treasures that you won't find anywhere else.

"I would say there's close to a thousand items in here on display," said Thomas Kreason.

Everything inside the gray structure has a story.

"Our collection is valued, easily, at over a million dollars," Kreason added.

Kreason has gone to great lengths to pay for, preserve and share this memorabilia.

It's all on display at the Texas Musicians Museum.

Guitars, concert posters, cowboy boots and costumes to name a few. They are things that belonged to or were used to promote artists of every genre. And all of the items have one thing in common, Texas.

"That's why I like to joke with people that Texas is the center of the musical universe, " Kreason laughed. "We want visitors to have a Texas music experience here."

Because if Kreason didn't promote the rich history of Texas music, who would?

"Texas music is important to people around the world, not just here in Texas," he added. "It's like no other place."

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