Texas Connect Us: The Buffalo Whisperer

"It's kind of like having a small car in your house"

Some families like dogs. Others prefer cats. But what about a buffalo?

"There's nothing unusual about it to us," said RC Bridges, of Quinlan. "I'm the buffalo whisperer."

The Texan and his wife, Sherron, have named their pet American buffalo "WildThing."

He's over six-feet-tall and weighs about 2,500 pounds. Oh, and he's allowed inside their house.

"We don't bring him in as much as we used to because you always have to move the furniture," Bridges joked. "It's kind of like having a small car in your house. I don't know if he's totally domesticated. I think he's trained me more than I've trained him."

When WildThing is roaming around outside he tears up everything, but once he sets foot inside, his behavior changes.

"He's never broken anything or used the bathroom in the house," Bridges added. "I don't think I'm crazy, I just enjoy wild animals. I feel safe with him. There's danger, you know, no doubt about it. We don't recommend just anybody pick it up and do it. We've turned down seven offers for reality shows so far."

WildThing was even Bridges' best man at his wedding.

"He's just part of the family," Bridges said.

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