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Texas Congressman on What Can Be Done in Wake of Another Mass Shooting

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Frustrated Americans look to Congress after another mass shooting. Parents who will never see their children again, teachers dying in their classrooms.

“I refuse to accept that we are inherently more violent in the United States or in Texas, or that we have more instances of mental illness or anything like that.  The difference is we that don't have common-sense policies in place to try and keep weapons of war out of the hands of folks that shouldn't have it,” said Congressman Colin Allred, (D-Dallas).

Congressmen Allred said it’s a failure of policies that the suspect could get the gun. 

Allred favors raising the age to buy an assault-style weapon, strengthening background checks, and an assault weapons ban. But he believes the ban isn't the place to start looking for consensus to get bills passed. He thinks Congress needs another starting point.

“That is where we have to spend the time together and we have to have some conversations, and we have to see is there anything that my Republican colleagues will join us in sufficient numbers that will help us end this scourge,” added Allred.

Congressman Roger Williams (R-Cleburne) believes this is a mental health issue, and changes in family units not spending as much time together. He does not believe there should be changes in gun policies, including strengthening background checks.

“We have background checks now and the problem is you take Chicago, you take Seattle, you take LA, all these places that have gun control and taking guns away from good people. Bad people always have the guns. They will always get the guns,” said Congressman Williams.

Williams is hoping a bill that he proposed after the Parkland shooting, $1.2 billion for school safety measures, can get to the floor. He believes that’s an area where there is bipartisan support.

“We need to have good debate.  The problem is this is emotional debate as you know, but we need to have good debate on what we can do to keep the guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” added Williams.

The common ground seems to be a willingness to look for common ground.

But getting to yes; is a different issue.

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