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Texas AG Demands Fort Worth ISD Release Its Sex-Ed Curriculum

The Texas Attorney General's office is demanding the Fort Worth Independent School District give parents access to its sexual education curriculum. 

In a letter to the district, Attorney General Ken Paxton said, "Parents have made my office aware that the district recently denied, and continues to deny, parents access to public records regarding the district's human sexuality curriculum."

Clint Bond, a spokesman for the Fort Worth ISD, said the district has yet to receive the letter from Paxton's office, but will comply and provide whatever materials necessary. 

He also said within their sexual education program, there is only one textbook that students aren't allowed to take home, because it contains diagrams of human anatomy, which the district found students would take photos of and spread around the school. However, parents can see that book if they visit the district during normal business hours.

In Paxton's release, he also included a copy of a 2016 letter he wrote to Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick regarding the district's transgender education policies. 

In the 2015-2016 school year, the district adopted new "Transgender Guidelines," which outlined for teachers and staff how to address issues concerning the needs of and challenges facing their transgender students. 

Earlier this year, some parents raised concerns about transgender topics being discussed in the program, but Bond says those guidelines were found to be in compliance with state law.

Bond added, "It's confusing to us why a formal letter and press release was issued by the Attorney General's office, when this could have easily been handled with a phone call." 

This is a developing story, check back for updates. 

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