Temp Agencies See Flood of Job Seekers

Many candidates are overqualified for the part-time work they're applying for

Temp agencies in North Texas said they have been inundated with inquiries from people searching for work -- even if only for the short term.

The phones at the Mergis Group in Dallas have been ringing off the hook.

"The percentage that we see coming through has probably doubled or tripled," said James Flournoy, of the Mergis Group.

Temp agencies said many candidates are overqualified, a sentiment Debra Laster agreed with.

"There were a lot of people out there with master's (degrees) and PhDs, and they are having a hard time," she said. "So I knew -- when I saw that, I knew it'd be difficult."

It means employers can have their pick of some of the best candidates.

Laster, who was laid off six months ago, said finding a new job has been tough. Like many others, she is seeking temp work.

"They're having come to us because they have to -- of necessity, not out of the luxury of being able to look for something better," Flournoy said. "They just need to find something."

Laster said she and other job seekers are willing to make sacrifices to get a paycheck, even pay cuts from 20 to 50 percent.

But she said she is still optimistic for the future.

"I think things will eventually turn around, and things will get better, but it's just a matter of how long, you know, you can hold out," she said.

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