Teens, Who Admitted Killing Boy, Back in Jail Accused in Robberies: Police

Two Dallas teenagers who admitted to killing another boy by robbing him and pushing him in front of a train are back in jail for a series of armed robberies.

Royneco Harris, 18, and Cortney Woods, 17, had been out on parole after pleading guilty four years ago to participating in the killing of teenager Octavius Lanier in November 2011.

They pleaded guilty to beating Lanier, robbing him and spitting on him on a DART platform, then shoving him in front of a DART train.

Harris and Woods spent some time in prison after pleading guilty, but police confirmed they've been out on parole.

Dallas Police now say the two are behind a series of armed robberies – at least four over the last 10 days.

They committed three armed robberies last week alone, all in old East Dallas, according to Dallas police.

Police say the two robbed a man at gunpoint on Aug. 2 as he was entering his apartment on the 4800 block of Junius Street, then a few minutes later they tried to rob a couple at gunpoint as they walked in the 700 block of South Good Latimer.

One of the victims sprayed the armed gunmen with mace, and they ran away into a nearby store, police say.

That same day police also say the two committed an aggravated robbery on the 4800 block of Bryan Street.

Police say the two committed an aggravated robbery on July 28 on the 700 block of South Good Latimer.

In some of the alleged crimes the two were aided by a third accomplice, 17-year-old Kristian Rios, police say.

It is still unclear why Harris and Woods were out on parole in the first place, and how they long they had been out on parole.

But now they are back in jail, charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery.

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