Teen Singers L2M Talk Success, Hard Work, and ‘Hyperlinked'

The teen group L2M consists of five young girls that were hand-picked from across the country for their own show on YouTube Red called “Hyperlinked,” where they get to sing, dance and act.

Mariangeli Collado, Jenna Simmons, Mckenzie Mack, Tatiana McQuay and Lexi Drew have been together for three years.

Two of these performers are from North Texas. Lexi is from McKinney and Jenna lives in Westlake, but both spend a lot of time in Los Angeles recording.

The entire group stopped by the NBC 5 studios and talked about what it's like being rising stars, how they got picked, and how hard they are working for their show.

“It’s weird to be in the recording studio, honestly, because like it’s just so different. It’s a different world,” Jenna said.

It’s a world these girls have been preparing for, pretty much, their whole entire lives.

“Well, I have been dancing basically my whole life, like before I could even walk,” said Tatiana, or Tati, with a laugh.

Now they’re 13 years old, except Mari who is the eldest at 14 years old.

“She’s the mom of the group” McKenzie said.

“Yeah, but I like that role because I like taking care of my friends,” Mari said.

The girls were chosen for L2M through auditions. They’re now home-schooled, and most of their time is spent training for their show.

“We work hours, and hours, and hours every single day to make sure that our dances and our voices sound perfect,” Lexi said.

They’re working hard to make it big at a really young age.

“We always say, like, if we look back at like our 8-year-old self and just like, see that we’ve accomplished things, and I would’ve never thought that at 13 years old I’d be in a group signed to Warner Brother Records,” McKenzie said.

So look out for L2M, because there’s no telling what they will have accomplished by the time they’re old enough to drive. Mari added that if you’d like to watch their show on YouTube Red, you can sign up for a free trial and get the first three months for free.

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