Technology at Frisco Stop Lights Tells Cars When Lights Will Change

'Smart' street lights communicate with certain, newer Audi models to display traffic light countdown

You likely listen for Samantha Davies’ traffic reports or rely upon a smartphone app to help prepare you for the morning commute.

But there is an entirely different tactic that a select few drivers in Frisco have been able to take advantage of for the past 11 months that has allowed for even greater convenience.

As of June 2017, traffic technology in place at 124 signal lights in Frisco has been able to communicate with certain, newer model Audi cars. That technology provides a countdown for the driver to see – displayed either on their dashboard or projected on their windshield – that tells them exactly when the light will change.

Frisco was the first city in Texas to deploy the technology, but Sugar Land, near Houston, also uses it now. The cities of Flower Mound and Grapevine are both considering adding the technology as well, according to a representative from the City of Frisco.

Few people have benefited from the new traffic system as of yet. An estimated 150 vehicles communicate with the lights on any regular basis, according to a city spokesperson.

In January 2018, the City of Frisco received a state award for traffic innovation in part because of the implementation of its "real-time traffic signal data sharing."

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