TCU Will Not Conduct COVID-19 Test on Every Person Returning to Campus

The school will take a broader testing approach


TCU will not conduct COVID-19 testing of all students, faculty or staff returning to campus in accordance with CDC recommendations, the university says in guidance released last week.

The school cited American College Health Association information that says "screening large numbers, thousands, of students will likely produce no substantial public health benefit."

The school also said viral testing is a snapshot of a person's viral load on a particular day, and one-time testing of an entire population is not a useful public health tool.

TCU will instead, in consultation with the Tarrant County Public Health officials, engage in targeted broader testing of a particular group or building that shows an increase in symptomatic members or occupants.

The school said it believed these broader testing strategies could be used when density is such that accurately identifying close contacts of a COVID-19 positive patient is not possible or when that group or building is identified as a hotspot.

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