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Tarrant County Offers 5th Annual Expunction Clinic Virtually

Individuals hoping to clear their record in Tarrant County should apply before April 5

Some individuals with a criminal history in Tarrant County will be able to have a clean slate due, in part, to an online clinic.

The L. Clifford Davis Legal Association and the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney's Office will host the fifth annual Expunction and Nondisclosure Clinic virtually this year.

This day is centered around expunction or clearing eligible arrests or charges from criminal records through a legal process.

"Having a criminal record can prevent someone from getting a job or a place to live," Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson said. "Erasing that criminal record gives people a fresh start and helps them, once again, to positively contribute to society."

Individuals that qualify for expunction include those with a dismissed charge, those with a case not filed or billed by a grand jury, those that were acquitted of the charge or pardoned and those who participated in a completed diversion plan -- such as the Deferred Prosecution Program or the Deferred Prosecution Initiative in Tarrant County.

Individuals may apply when an arrest is sealed, or a non-disclosure, if the case was a Class A or B misdemeanor or a non-exempt felony and the individual successfully completed deferred adjudication probation on the case.

Only Tarrant County cases can be considered.

Individuals who wish to apply need to submit an intake questionnaire and financial statement here by April 5.

Those applying should expect a phone call from volunteering attorneys between April 3 and May 7 to complete the petition for expunction or nondisclosure.

Court costs will be $450 in cash, cashier's check, or money order before the petition is filed.

Individuals may be able to waive court fees under financial guidelines.

"It is important to give people -- especially those who had their charges dropped or completed a diversion program -- a second chance," Wilson said. 

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