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Tarrant Area Food Bank Launches New Advocacy Site

A new Tarrant Area Food Bank program is aimed at meeting people in need. Noelle Walker reports on the RED Bus helping people experiencing food insecurity.
NBC 5 News

The Tarrant Area Food Bank has launched a new advocacy website designed to inform on issues of hunger and find ways for advocates to help the food insecure at all levels.

The launch comes as the annual Hunger Action Month for the TAFB kicks off.

"Through our vision of communities where no one has to go hungry, this website is our new platform to kick-off advocacy to the hundreds of thousands of people we communicate with to identify solutions to support those in need", said Dr. Shagranda Traveler, EVP of Advocacy, Communications, and Culture.

"This website will give a voice to hunger in our communities, provide education and resources to those in need of support, and be a conduit for those who want their voice to be heard in the fight against hunger. We will use this website to focus on the issues and how to address them locally."

TAFB serves Tarrant County and 12 surrounding counties.

More information can be found on the TAFB website.

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