Christmas Eve Tamales Tradition Boosts Business at Dallas Restaurant

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At Luna’s Tortillas in Dallas, the kitchen has been busy preparing for Christmas Eve.

“The 23rd and 24th alone, just those two nights, we've cooked about 2,500 to 3,000 dozen tamales," Luna’s Tortillas owner Fernando Luna said.

The large quantity of tamales is because it's a tradition that has grown in popularity.

"The tradition of tamales, it's been for years,” Luna said. “It comes from Mexico.  Naturally, everybody has Christmas Eve tamales and the tradition has gone to the point everyone in the state has picked it up."

"Tamales are real traditional for my family, and it's very good, and it's just what we like," customer Kenneth Smith said.

It's a tradition that crosses cultural lines.

"I'm Blaxican so I like it,” Smith said. “It's really for the culture."

Luna said for their restaurant the end of the year sales is paramount for business.

"From Halloween to the end of the year, in those two to three months, we make as many tamales as we do the first nine months of the year," Luna said.

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