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Talkative Rockwall Teen Gets Surprise Visitor in Class

A North Texas teen learned an important lesson from his dad -- don't act out in school or you'll get a new study buddy.

Bradley Howard, a 17-year-old junior at Rockwall-Heath High School, is quite the chatty student during class. His physics teacher notified his parents on several occasions about the problem. 

Brad and Denise Howard, Bradley's parents, gave him a final warning.

"If you do this again, if we get another note from your teacher, I'm going to come up there and sit with you in class," Brad said he told his son. 

A couple of days later, however, Bradley's parents received another complaint from his teacher.

So last Friday, Bradley walked into his physics class and greeted everyone as he made his way through the door. Then he heard a familiar voice say "hello, Bradley." It was his dad. 

"We didn't tell him anything," the elder Brad said. "I was in the classroom sitting beside his chair when he walked in. He didn't see me at first. Then he was shocked."

The Rockwall father of four sat right next to Bradley during the entirety of the class.

"His classmates seemed to love it, but Bradley, not so much," Brad said.

Bradley's dad even took a selfie of them in class together, mainly to prove to his wife that he was really there.

Bradley's sister, Molli, was more than happy to share the photo on social media. The post eventually went viral on Twitter.

His father said he was "just making good on a promise."

Bradley is the youngest of four children and the only boy.

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