‘Take Back Your Headshots' Event Encourages Individuality on International Women's Day

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On International Women’s Day, the global celebration that recognizes women's achievements and embraces equity, a Dallas small business opened its doors.

"Today we're having our first ever Take Back your Headshots event,” said Wildlike founder Alysa Teichman.

Teichman said she first opened her piercing studio to help people celebrate self-expression and individuality.

She said those are the same values that inspired Wednesday’s event.

"I think for a long time, women had to present a certain way. I think about our parents’ generation having to wear suits to work. And we are just so here for showing your fun hair colors, your tattoos, fun piercings, whatever it is. Bring it all,” she said.

One by one, women came to update their headshots. Among them was Cristal Padilla.

"Women can do anything and I think I'm the perfect example of that,” said Padilla.

Come May, Padilla will graduate with her MBA with an emphasis in healthcare administration from TWU. Soon after, she’ll give birth to her third child. For each, she said she’d pursue a new degree.

Already, she’s thinking ahead to the Ph.D. she’ll chase after for her new daughter, a little girl she hopes will follow her example of overcoming challenges and carving her own path.

"I want to be an inspiration for them, not only my kids but other young girls out there,” she said.

Her story was just one of the many shared through the images captured Wednesday at the first of what Teichman hopes will be many events to come.

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