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Tailgaters Hope Dallas Cowboys Have Right Recipe for Season Opener

The Dallas Cowboys season opener kicked off at AT&T Stadium Sunday. Excited fans secured their tailgate spots as early as midnight. Many, ready to see how star running back Ezekiel Elliott performs after his big payday.

Cowboys Nation is fired up and the tailgate teams are cooking.

Chris Greene is one of several pitmasters for his crew. He planned to spend at least eight hours smoking the perfect ribs.

"I took this recipe from my great-great grandfather while he was on his deathbed, he said you take this recipe and guard it carefully," he said.

From his secret sauce to secret weapons, fans hope this year's team has the right recipe.

"We want to get back to supremacy, where we used to be. We used to have our mail sent to the Super Bowl," Greene said.

Los Angeles native Monique Payne believes they do with number 21. [[559763181,C]]

"Y'all ain't gonna be ready for Zeke," she shouted. "I have complete faith in Zeke and he's a beast, so we were waiting for him just to say feed me what I'm worth."

She flew in to join her friend Eileen Enfiajian at the game. Both dressed in support of their favorite player.

"As soon as Zeke signed, I had to go down to the pro shop, I had to get my Zeke jersey and I had to bling it out," Enfiajian said. "I was literally up at 6 o'clock this morning, blinging this out, all the way - front and back."

They weren’t the only ones sporting "bling." Twins Steven and Chris Saucedo drove up from San Antonio with custom hats, styled after Cowboys’ Super Bowl rings from the first and last wins.

"I'm getting a little old with this hat, we need a new ring. We need a new ring," Steven Saucedo said.

Both joked about Elliott's holdout, but said they’re ready to put it behind them.

"Great setup cause Jerry Jones is a great marketer. I like it. He knows what he's doing," Chris Saucedo said.

Just feet away, a whistle blows as a yellow flag is thrown at approaching Giants fans. They may not be welcome, but those in blue are ready to usher in the 2019 season with open arms.

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