T. Boone Pickens Back at Work After Suffering Minor Stroke

Billionaire oil tycoon and Dallas native T. Boone Pickens says he's back working after recently suffering from a minor stroke.

Jay Rosser, Pickens' chief of staff, said in an email Monday the mini-stroke happened a few days before Christmas and Pickens was hospitalized for a few days.

Pickens made the announcement on Twitter Monday morning saying he'll soon be another "'Old Man Makes a Comeback' story." Pickens then joked that he was back at work – or at least that’s what he thought.

“Experienced a ministroke. Will be another ‘Old Man Makes a Comeback’ story. Back to working in the office. I think. Kidding. More later.”

The 88-year-old financier, who turns 89 on May 22, is said to be in good spirits while working at his Dallas-based hedge fund, BP Capital.

Rosser said Pickens' speech was affected by the mini-stroke, but not severely, and he is undergoing daily speech therapy.

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