Swans Rescued From Freezing Plano Pond Released One Week Later

Two swans who call a west Plano neighborhood pond home were rescued last week when the pond nearly froze over

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To most neighbors in the King’s Ridge Community in west Plano, the two swans in the neighborhood pond are like mascots.

But to Bill Kula, they’re more like family.

“A lot of people would call me the swan whisperer. I just say I'm trying to be a good neighbor,” Kula said.

A good neighbor who makes sure the swans are fed and makes sure they fall in love.

“I've learned more about swans, it's the craziest thing,” Kula said.

Last week, when wild winter weather froze the pond, it left the swans stranded.

“Really what else can you do but say a prayer?” Kula asked. “I just said, ‘Good lord, if a good positive outcome can happen let that happen. I didn't know what that would be and then fortunately our white knights with the Plano Fire Department and Plano Animal Services arrived the following morning and helped out.”

In a photo taken during the rescue, a Plano firefighter is seen perched above the pond guiding the swans to higher ground.

The swans spent seven days in Plano’s Animal Shelter.

Tuesday, with temperatures nearly 80 degrees warmer, they were released into the pond back where they belong.

“So to be able to have our beloved swans return on a day that's 80 degrees warmer brings us so much joy,” Kula said.

Joy during despair.

Back home, Kula's dealing with not only flooding from the storm, but a fire, too.

“Quite honestly, the greatest thing I’ve experienced this week is the return of our beautiful swans,” Kula said.

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