Super Tuesday Brings Presidential Campaign to Texas

It is finally here: Super Tuesday. I have been on the road with Sen. Ted Cruz, but Tuesday night, I am in the studio with NBC 5's Meredith Land and Brian Curtis.

NBC 5's Brian Curtis, Meredith Land and Julie Fine

We are doing several hours of coverage, which is a political reporter's dream.

What a day it has been already and polls just closed at 7 p.m. A few locations in Dallas ran out of ballots, so expect a big Texas turnout tonight.

The state is critical to Cruz's campaign, and he had three big rallies in Texas Monday.

Donald Trump is poised to have a big night Tuesday. He leads in the polls in most of the states. But all of the Super Tuesday states are proportional, which means each candidate could build up decent numbers.

Fasten your seat belts. It could be quite a night!

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