Sun Shines Bright on Keller Artist's Sign-Making Hobby

A Keller man is wowing friends and neighbors with a rare hobby. Jerome Fuhrmann is a sign maker. The main tool in his craft depends entirely on the weather.

Fuhrmann, 74, lives at Mustang Creek Estates in Keller. He moved to the senior living community after he suffered a stroke nine years ago.

"They didn't expect me to live," Fuhrmann said.  "They said I would never walk or talk."

After his stroke, Fuhrmann began to make signs. Some with clever slogans, some political, others religious in nature.

"People might think it's for kids," he said of his hobby. "I don't care. I like to be a kid."

How he makes the signs is what has people watching in awe. All he uses is a piece of wood, a magnifying glass and the sun.

"Seems like it's almost impossible," he said. "But it works real good."

It's called sunlight art. Fuhrmann uses the magnifying glass to reflect the sun onto the wood, burning letters, which he has stenciled into the board. It takes a steady hand and sharp focus. With that, a cloud of smoke, the smell of burning cedar -- and sharp wit – Fuhrmann has proven doctors wrong.

"I get a lot of reaction," he said. "A lot of people like it. They've never seen something like this."

Fuhrmann figured he's made more than 1,000 signs. He sells them at shows and to his neighbors -- who can't get over his fascinating method.

"They're almost shocked," he said. "They don't understand it."

Fuhrmann said he gets the most joy in seeing people's reaction to his work. A hobby -- which spreads a whole lot of sunshine.

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