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Students Put Empty Amazon Boxes From the Holidays to Good Use

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District offers gifted and talented programs at all of its schools

The mark of genius is not perfection, but originality. In Angie Connell’s class at Colleyville’s Heritage Elementary, they got the memo.

The assignment: Make something creative and complex using cardboard boxes.

Jordon Tuttle’s team made a geodesic dome using math, team building and even quality control — they put it all to work.

Yes, parents did help. A little.

“My dad orders a lot of stuff from Amazon, so I used a lot of those packages,” said Tuttle.

While that dome would make any geometry teacher proud as a peacock, Analiz Velazquez spent more time being creative with hers. “I’m making these little puppets to put on a puppet show,” she said.

It’s the fanciest locker ever, with every piece of creativity to make it sparkle. But her creativity is far from just decorating.

Don't think the cardboard locker can't be locked shut. Analiz built that, too.

“I cut some pieces of cardboard, and I took a chain, and I glued two pieces of a hook in here. And when you lock it, it just locks the other end of it hooks on,” she said.

Connell admitted the janitor fears coming into her classroom, where the desks and books are shoved away.

Connell's gifted and talented students are given a chance to put their talented minds to work.

"You might see just boxes and pieces of cardboard, but it’s that stick-with-it-ness, it’s the 'how can I take this material and make it something it’s not?'" Connell explained.

For Christopher Green it was a life size version of the video game character Mario, but he’ll tell you coming to Ms. Connell’s class gives him something more.

"We all think the same and share our ideas with each other," said Green.

The power to be their quirky, creative, original selves.

Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District offers gifted and talented programs at all of its schools. Many districts offer similar classes, and now is typically the time when students are tested. If you think your child should be enrolled, talk to your child’s teacher for advice.

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