North Texas

Students Learn Logistics Of Running Online Businesses

The walls are made of concrete, and the backup alarm of a forklift echoes off the wall in a Garland warehouse which is really a classroom.

Students are learning supply chain logistics, the ins and outs of ordering, storing and shipping out merchandise.

"It just feels so natural, it doesn't feel like a classroom where you sit down and write down notes on paper," said student Hannah Luu. " It's cool how Jeff Bezos can create a whole company based on just warehouse and shipments."

Students in the class order, track inventory and move stock for their school's student convenience store, but there are other lessons on everything from OSHA rules to how to drive a semi truck thanks to a simulator.

The students are taking their skills and already putting them to good use, working in supply chain at businesses right now, while still in school.

Teacher Joe Gutierrez says this program isn't so much vocational school like in years past, but taking the business skills they learn in lecture and seeing how to apply them to a real world scenario.

"They're workforce ready, but they're not just ready to go to work, they're ready to go beyond, they're ready to explode into the educational world, because they understand that having that degree and having that educational background, plus the workmanship is going to get them further," Gutierrez said.

Luu says she has to explain what she's learning to friends who question her career track.

"They don't see warehouse as a glamorous side. They only see marketing -- everything is just marketing and store front," Luu said. "I'm like 'there's something behind it too you know how do you think it got there?'"

Students say they're focused on how they can combine these skills with ones they've learned in business class and maybe one day come up with the next multi-billion dollar online business and top Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

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