Stuck Behind Toppled Tanker, Frustrated Drivers Wait for Hours

Stuck in their cars for hours this morning and early afternoon after a tanker truck carrying a volatile payload overturned, drivers on U.S. Highway 75 and Interstate 635 were in no short supply of anger and frustration.

“I’ve seen traffic jams and wrecks but from 7:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.? That was a little extreme,“ driver Richie Louate said.

Louate was among countless drivers who were stuck so long they even got out of their cars. At one point Louate said another driver began going car to car and was taking orders and money to go to Whataburger.

“He was just taking orders and you saw him come back with Whataburger, so that was a lot of business for them,” Louate said with a laugh.

But all jokes aside, the backup was almost impossible to avoid. Surface and side streets soon clogged up as drivers poured off the interstate.

An 18-wheeler rolled onto its side on a ramp over the High Five interchange in North Dallas before the Thursday morning rush.

“I was on WAYS, an app, and it was trying to take me on side roads and the side roads are even worse,” said one driver through her window.

By early afternoon, all lanes were back open but drivers like Louate said they still can’t believe it happened.

“It was just crazy how one small thing can effect so many people,” Louate said.

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