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Street Stunt Takeovers Have Fort Worth Police, City Leaders Searching for Solutions

Police will be monitoring hot spots to come up with the best way to put a stop the dangerous behavior, city council member says

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At the intersection of Cooks Lane and John T. White in East Fort Worth, black tire marks cover the pavement and a stop sign lays flattened on the ground after neighbors say street racers have taken over the street multiple nights in the last few weeks.

“They shut down the intersections. They have absolutely no regard for speed limits, for the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, but mostly the safety of the neighborhood. And that’s what we’re really worried about,” said Dave Fulson, director of the John T. White Neighborhood Association.

Saturday, homeowners said racers blocked the intersection shortly after midnight, doing stunts while spectators got dangerously close. It was the third night in a row.

Fulson said the association has been in touch with city council member Gyna Bivens, asking for a roundabout or cameras to prevent and enforce.

Bivens told NBC 5 that city leaders and police met Tuesday to discuss the racing that’s taken place on multiple streets throughout the city.

While she believes enforcement plays a role, through ticketing and perhaps a partnership with Crime Stoppers to find those responsible, Bivens said community engagement also plays a key role in putting a stop to the dangerous behavior.

A new eastside commander with Fort Worth police has already begun meeting with clergy in the area to share videos of recent street racing events with their congregations.

Starting Wednesday night, she said police will be monitoring hot spots to come up with the best way to put a stop the dangerous behavior.

"Look, we understand it's difficult for the police. And we're not here to complain about the police, we're here to work with the police as citizens and association members as to what can we do to safeguard. This really has to end. Someone's going to get killed, and they're going to get killed right here,” said Fulson.

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