Step Stool Chef Cooks Up Something Good

Families across North Texas get up, get breakfast and get ready to take on the day.

And in the kitchen of the Frederick family in Dallas, what's cookin' is something good. Most likely it's the culinary creation of 9-year-old Julian.

Julian started cooking at 3-years-old. He wanted to make a birthday cake, and, of course, he needed a step stool to reach everything.

Now, six years later, he's a self-proclaimed foodie and officially The Step Stool Chef. The 9-year-old goes around teaching other kids how to cook and how to be leaders in the kitchen. His assistant is his mom, the Sous Chef Mommy.

The mother-son duo has a website with recipes for dishes like 2nd Grade Miracle Chili, Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese and The Step Stool Chef's favorite Pizza Burgers. There's also an online cooking school to help empower kids to become the chef in their own kitchen.

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