Staycationers Fill Joe Pool Lake for Holiday Weekend

Most of campsites at Lloyd Park filled for Labor Day weekend

Campsites at Lloyd Park in south Grand Prairie are quickly filling up for Labor Day weekend.

Lake Parks Superintendent Bob McGlothlin said most of the campers this year are traveling locally.

"I think, because of the economy, a lot of people have decided to stay close to home," he said. "We have a lot of campers that live very close by."

Lloyd Park has 221 campsites, and only about 20 of them were still available Thursday morning.

Arlington residents Norma Ross and her husband, Raymond, have been camping out since Sunday.

"We're retired, and we love being by the water," she said. "And we've been fishing. Caught a few fish -- we always throw them back and eat at Red Lobster, though."

But Raymond Ross said they would pack up Friday to avoid the Labor Day weekend crowd.

"We get home ... and get out of the way and let the young kids have it for the weekend," he said.

Sarah Layton, a camper from Lake Whitney, said big family reunion has taken place at Lloyd Park for at least the past 15 years.

"Total camping -- we'll have all the sites, and then we have almost all the cabins reserved, too," she said. "And then on Sunday, we have a really big lunch, and there is probably about 150."

Park officials said 4.5 million people live within 45 minutes of Lloyd Park, but most don't even know about it.

McGlothlin said people who are fearful of being outdoors because of West Nile virus shouldn't worry.

"The conditions that we have here at the lake are really not conducive to West Nile virus," he said. "We have enough small minnows and things like that to keep the mosquito larvae eaten."

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