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Southlake Police Officer Warns of Hackers That Could be Spying on You

Every parent has heard this one before.

"Mommy, Daddy... there's a monster under my bed."

Well, one North Texas father quickly found out that a part of the story being told by his 5-year-old son was TRUE!

The father, Brad Uptmore, happens to be a police officer for the Southlake Police Department.

Uptmore took to the department's Facebook page on Thursday to explain the ordeal.

He said on Wednesday night, his son came downstairs complaining of hearing "monster noises" in his room.

Dad went to investigate and helped his son get ready for bed, even reading him a bedtime story.

But while father and son were reading the story, Uptmore also heard a growling noise in his son's room.

At first, Uptmore chalked the noises up to a toy with a dying battery. He looked around the room, but could not locate the noise.

Then as he was walking out of the room, there it was again. A growling noise, but this time it was followed by a grown man's laughter.

Uptmore immediately knew where the sound was coming from. The security camera that was installed in his son's room. He believes someone hacked into the camera system and was spying on his son the whole time. 

Uptmore is now warning anyone that uses cameras inside their home to use the two-factor authentication system.

"Yeah it's a pain to have to get a text to then enter your password or prove your not a robot by clicking squares that have cars in them or however you have it set up, but please do that. Safeguard your smart electronics," Uptmore posted on Facebook.

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