Sonic Soda Cup Turns Into Speeding Missile

Collin County woman says cup could have killed her

Who knew a big cup of soda could be turned into a speeding missile?

A Collin County woman said she learned the hard way.

“This is where glass hit me,” Marilyn Mackey said as she pointed to the cuts up and down her arms. “When I stepped out of the car, I was raining glass from head to toe.”
The Anna woman said it happened at about 9:45 p.m. Sunday night as she was driving along State Highway 5. She said she called her husband frantic, saying she’d been involved in an explosion.

“I couldn’t imagine what that meant,” David Mackey said. “I quickly jumped in the car.”
He was as perplexed as his wife of 41 years.

“I first thought someone had taken a shot me,” she said. “But if they’d shot at me, I wouldn’t be wet, so I didn't know what to think.”
The picture became a bit clearer for the couple when investigators pulled a small piece of styrofoam from the windshield and a sliver of a red straw from the backseat.

“When the officer came and showed me the Sonic cup, I was like, 'That did that to my windshield?'” Marilyn Mackey said.
Investigators said it all adds up when you do the math. If both cars were traveling 65 mph in opposite directions the cup would have been traveling at 130 mph when it struck the windshield.

“Thank God I had my glasses on,” she said. “They said if not, I would have been having emergency surgery to get glass out of my eyes.”
Marilyn Mackey said she believes someone deliberately threw the cup at her, thinking it would be funny. At the time, she said a dark colored pick up was the only other car on the road. 

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