#SomethingGood: National Bacon Burnt End Day

It was on June 29, 2013 that the Heims debuted bacon burnt end

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There seems to be a designated day for almost everything:  sunglasses, nail polish — even waffle irons.

A couple in Fort Worth wanted their own national day. And, they got it.

"This national day thing is kind of a rave right now, so I thought, 'why not?' Let's have one!' And bacon burnt ends deserves it," said Emma Heim, who along with husband Travis, owns Heim Barbecue.

The Heims own two successful restaurants in Fort Worth. They built a faithful following with a food truck and pop-up dinners in the backyards of friends that started in 2013.

It was on June 29, 2013 the Heims debuted bacon burnt ends.

"A burnt end is a Kansas City thing where they take the fatty end of a brisket and rub it all this sauce, and it's kinda of sacrilege to do that in Texas," said Travis Heim. "So, we decided, before we did a food truck and when we were doing pop-up dinners, that we would do a similar set up and do it with smoked bacon."

"It was kind of like an appetizer thing, but when people found out, it was like, 'Oh, my gosh!" This is such a great bite,'" said Emma. "No one ate anything else because it ended up being their most favorite thing they had."

So, as June 29 approached again, she decided to the bacon burnt ended needed its own celebration. Emma applied to the National Day Archives with the request that June 29 be designated as "National Bacon Burnt End Day."

"You had to be verified and you had to pay a little fee," she explained.

Days later, Emma got a reply.

"They sent me an email with a certificate saying, 'congratulations, you have a national day,' and I was like, 'oh, my gosh!,'" Emma said, smiling.

"She surprised me, and so apparently, now June 29 is National Bacon Burnt End Day, which is insane to think," Travis said.

"So this coming Saturday we'll be handing out bacon burnt ends to everyone who walks in the door," said Emma.

"That's probably the biggest thing a lot of our customers and fans love, the bacon burnt ends. So, let's celebrate it, throw a party, have fun with it," Travis said.

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