Wylie High School Principal Goes ‘Extra Mile' to Celebrate Graduating Seniors

It’s a journey that spanned 800 miles and lasted 12 days

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Wylie High School principal Virdie Montgomery jumped in his car and visited all 612 of his graduating seniors and offered his congratulations -- a journey that spanned 800 miles and lasted 12 days.

He also gave each senior a candy bar, telling them, "one day, we'll look back at this, and Snicker," along with a heartwarming a note.

"I am so sorry that this has happened. I can't believe I've not gotten to meet with you and watch you finish this year and all the things you were involved,” read Montgomery. “I am honored to be your principal.”

"Yeah, it makes me tear up a little bit,” said Wylie High senior, Valeria Canute.

"Now that I've done it, it's a treasured memory I'll never forget. And it was more for me than them," said Montgomery.

Montgomery’s dedication to personally congratulate every one of his seniors is being recognized nationally. He appeared on the "Today" show Wednesday morning in NBC’s “Inspiring America” series.

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