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Something Good: Kids' Lunch Debt Paid in Full

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Something good just happened at a Fort Worth middle school, and it’s all thanks to a band teacher who wanted to help her students by paying off their lunch debt.

Sarah Chance, the head band director at McLean Middle School, started a Facebook fundraiser on her birthday for 20 kids in the band program. They owed a total of $750 in school lunch, with fines ranging from $20 to $150 per student.

She raised that $750, and a whole lot more.

Chance was able raise more than $5,400 thanks to an outpouring of generosity and cover lunch fines for every single student at McLean Middle, alleviating the stress of an outstanding bill.

Chance says eating healthy meals everyday impacts what her students do in every single class, and no kid should have to worry about their next meal while at school and instead should be focused on learning.

Photos: Something Good: Kids’ Lunch Debt Paid in Full

We salute you Mrs. Chance, for caring about your students!

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