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North Texas Sixth Grader Publishes Debut Novel

A childhood love of reading inspired her to write on her own

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A middle school student to be a famous author did something good to get on that path. She published her first book!

Sage Garrett is a 6th-grade student at International Leadership of Texas Keller K8. She started writing her novel, a realm between realms. Last year as a fifth grader.

Sage says she's loved reading since she was a child, and those books inspired her and helped her write on her own.

That foundation plus she says, "very philosophical shower thoughts" led to the idea to write about the realms.

Her book is about a place hidden from humans and the universe and the friends called on to preserve it.

A Realm Between Realms: Nila's Song, Part 1 - Legends is now sold on Amazon.

The 284-page book is the first in a 12-book series.

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