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North Texas Moms Fighting Cancer Treated to Day of Pampering

Gabe Starling founded a nonprofit focused on finding a cure for cancer when he was only 7 years old

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A day of pampering with hair, makeup, manicures, and pedicures does wonders.

That's what a teenager in Fort Worth had in mind as he planned to do something good for women fighting cancer.

Gabe Starling called on friends and acquaintances for a day of pampering for 14 moms, or as he calls them, "14 tough fighters."

The day started at Casey and Co. where the women were fitted for an outfit donated by friend Casey Oliver and her boutique.

A limo then showed up to take the women to Cancer Care Services where Gabe's hairdresser and her friends were ready to do their hair and makeup. Manicures and pedicures were part of the plan, too.

"In addition to all of the pampering, gifts, love, and encouragement the lucky ladies who were “Queens For A Day” received, they also developed very deep bonds with one another. They began their day as strangers with one awful thing in common: CANCER – but they ended their day with a brand new circle of friends that they can count on forever," said Melanie Wilson, CEO of Cancer Care Services.

Gabe is fierce about his passion to help those fighting cancer. He started a nonprofit at the age of 7 with the goal of finding a cure for cancer and a belief that "no kid should ever be without a mama."

He expanded it to include supporting those affected by the disease like the 14 moms he treated to a special day.

Gabe's foundation Tough Stars Give Back and the donors he calls "14 Tough Ladies" also gave $20,000 to Cancer Care Services to support the nonprofit's emergency fund for clients.

Why all the 14s, you might ask? Gabe plays basketball and that's the number on his jersey.

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