Local Teacher, Inspired by Winter Olympics, Keeping Kids Engaged

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Something good happened at an Arlington elementary school to celebrate the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Coach Alysia Hanes has been a longtime Physical Education teacher at Hill Elementary School and she has a passion for keeping kids active and engaged. She uses her love for the Olympics as a creative way to teach her students.

“My students have enjoyed having hands-on experience with many of the disciplines of the winter Olympics. They have been introduced to athletic competitions, participating in creative challenges, demonstrating sportsmanship, and fair play,” Hanes said.

Not only does Hanes dress the part, but she teaches the students about the Olympics, while they are enjoying modified versions of the sports, like bobsledding.

It’s a learning experience too.

“Many children don't remember the last winter Olympics, and others have not been exposed to Olympic traditions. I hope to create a positive, interactive experience for children where they can learn to respect and understand the competitive spirit of the games,” Hanes said.

She said she and her husband are looking forward to attending the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, where they were both born and raised.

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