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Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber Focuses on Silver Lining

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There's something good in the way businesses and entrepreneurs in North Texas have found ways to adapt and survive in the age of coronavirus.

And, in doing so, come moments the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce calls silver linings. 

“Maybe it's a new skill, a piece of equipment, a shift in their business model and hopefully, that will serve as an inspiration to the other business owners who are still trying to figure out what they're going to be doing,” said Anette Landeros, President and CEO.

Landeros says many of the chamber’s members have had financial struggles in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown orders that followed. In that time of doubt and worry, ah-ha moments bubbled up. 

“There were a lot of businesses, where once they figured out a game plan, they were able to think through their bounce-back plan,” she said. 

Out of those dark clouds, companies and owners found a silver lining.  

“They really were coming out with stories of resilience and innovation, so we wanted to capture that in these silver lining stories to talk to business about the silver lining in the situation,” Landeros said.

 Members are now sharing their silver lining in conversations, on the chamber’s social media accounts and in pictures showcasing words of encouragement. 

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