Texas A&M University

Dental Students Shine ‘LIGHT' Into Community

Students at Texas A&M School of Dentistry come together to give back

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Future dentists training in Dallas-Fort Worth want to be a "LIGHT," bringing something good to North Texas.

LIGHT is the name of a multicultural, service-oriented, student-led organization at Texas A&M College of Dentistry in Dallas. The mission is simple -- bring people together for the sole purpose of giving back to the community.

With Valentine's day coming, the group of dental and dental hygiene students hosted a Zoom event writing cards to send to nursing home residents, staff and health care workers.

Donation drives last year got canned food, winter clothes and cloth face masks to ministries providing help and support to the underserved and homeless populations.

One of the members said, "I admire the positive energy that we share. Not only do we support and encourage each other throughout the hard times of school, but we also work as a team to better serve our community."

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