#SomethingGood: School Crossing Guard Goes Beyond Duties to Make Kids Smile

An unlikely bond formed at the corner of Coastline Road and Navigation Road in Grand Prairie. It’s the intersection right in front of Anna May Daulton Elementary School. It’s also the place William Smith met 3-year-old Logan Campbell.

Mr. William, as the kids call him, is the crossing guard at the intersection. Smith says, for him, this is more than just a job.

"You know, kids are our future, and if we don’t care for our future, then it will go by the wayside," Smith said.

Emily Campbell
William Smith, a crossing guard for Daulton Elementary School, has a friend in 3-year-old Logan Campbell.

So morning and afternoon, as the students walk through the crosswalk to and from school, Smith wants to know what they’ve learned at school. And he doesn’t let them off easy.

"When you come back you gotta tell me what you learned. Don’t tell me ‘stuff’ like you always tell me," Smith said.

Smith says all the kids are special in their own way, but one of his favorites is little Logan. Logan doesn’t even attend Daulton Elementary, but he walks with his brothers and his mom, Emily Campbell, every day. That’s how he met Smith.

"That 3-year-old Logan? That’s my boy! That’s my boy," Smith said with a smile. "He’ll blow his whistle like I blow mine, and I call him my little crossing guard in training!"

Logan’s mom says Logan loves all things crossing guard-related. It’s kind of why he took a liking to Smith's career.

That whistle, of course, was given to Logan by Smith. He also gave him a crossing guard vest so that the little guy would feel official. Simple acts of kindness that are contagious, and that Logan’s mom said should be highlighted by NBC 5 as #SomethingGood in her community.

"The first Monday that he had his vest. He was up and dressed in my room at 6:30. He had on his clothes, his vest, his socks and shoes and he was ready to go about an hour earlier than I needed him to be," Campbell recalled.

Something Smith was so happy to hear. He said this is just who he is. He does this to make sure every child’s day starts with a smile.

"I want to see them excel [at school], so I give them that confidence in the morning," Smith said.

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