Texas Rangers Fans Learn Some Season Ticket Prices Will Quadruple in New Ballpark

Rangers say low-cost options available for all fans

Some loyal Texas Rangers fans are learning their season ticket prices will quadruple when the new Globe-Life Field opens next year.

"It hurts,” said Myra Pruitt of Burleson. “It's a gut punch. I said I just want to cry."

Pruitt and her entire family have paid for season tickets behind home plate since 1978.

"It’s part of our family really,” said Pruitt’s nephew Matthew Johnson.

This year at Globe-Life Park, the family pays between $80 and $98 per seat per game.

But this week, they found out how much the Rangers are quadrupling the price – up to $400.

"My concern is the Rangers are pushing the family out and it's big corporations,” said Pruitt’s brother Chris Chandler. “That's the only way they can pay the ballplayers and it's not an American game anymore. It's just greed."

In an emailed statement, the Rangers said fans still have plenty of affordable options but that the new seating area behind home plate is now considered a "premium" option that includes VIP parking and high-end food – features not available at the current ballpark.

“The Rangers are committed to working with each customer individually to find seating locations at Globe Life Field THAT WORK FOR THEM,” the statement said. “It’s a process that will take time.”

Pruitt said the new prices are just too much for her family to afford.

"I think for the first time in as long as I can remember I’m not going to be a season ticket holder,” she said.

They said they still go to some games but will miss their prime seats.

The Rangers said the big jump in prices affects 600 seats in two rows.

The team said other season ticket options will begin at $15 per seat and some individual tickets will sell for as little as $9.

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