Snowmageddon? Some Blizzards To Get Names, Just Like Hurricanes

Remember the record snowfall that crippled North Texas in February 2011, just in time for Super Bowl XLV? Well, it could get an official name.

While meteorologically it was one for the record books -- receiving a foot of snow in 24 hours was also referred to as Snowmageddon, or not-so-scientifically, a supreme pain in the butt.

What did you call it?

Well if history repeats itself, it could get a real name -- just like hurricanes. 

Not every storm will get an official moniker, though. The Weather Channel told USA Today naming privileges will depend on snowfall, ice accumulation, wind speed and the number of people impacted.

Weather Channel winter weather expert Tom Niziol told the paper large snow storms are given names through social media anyway, so why not give them something more permanent?

The first three names on the list? Athena, Brutus and Caesar.

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