SMU Reaches Agreement Over 9/11 Displays, Allows for Partial Use of Dallas Hall Lawn

Just one week after students and alum pushed back against ban

Southern Methodist University reached an agreement with student leaders, allowing 9/11 memorials and other displays to be shown on part of Dallas Hall Lawn.

Just last week, students began rallying after learning about a recent policy change, which banned displays on the Dallas Hall Lawn, "because it is used by campus community members as a place for studying, outdoor classes and a variety of University events," according to a university statement, which added, "the new location, MoMac Park, is an open and centrally located space along Bishop Boulevard, the most prominent drive on campus."

Now, according to an update from SMU, one-day displays can be shown on the northern section of the lawn, and displays that wish to last up to three days will be shown on the southern section, assuring at least one part of the lawn will always be available for other uses.

The university also plans to review and amend policy and procedure, while working with the student government and other organizations, according to a press release.

"I thank the students across from the campus who came together in the spirit of mutual respect and civil discourse to achieve this outcome," said SMU President R. Gerald Turner, according to the same press release. "Students have expressed their commitment to freedom of expression — a value the University shares."

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