Smoke Shop Employee Stops, Shoots Armed Robber

A gun-wielding robber is in a Fort Worth hospital after a smoke shop employee shot the crook during the robbery attempt.

Witnesses said a man walked in to the Ramey Village Smoke Shop in the 5400 block of Ramey Avenue in Fort Worth at about 3 a.m Thursday. Police said the smoke shop location is also a game room.

Employee Terrence Sims was busy cleaning up, but when his coworker went to the back room for a few minutes the robber decided to strike.

Sims said he was held at gunpoint during the robbery.

"He had the gun to my chest and was like, 'Give me everything. Give me the money.' So I gave him the money," Sims said.

However, instead of giving the robber just the one key to the register, Sims gave him the entire ring of keys. The robber spent several crucial seconds fumbling with the keyring as the other employee came in from the back room.

"My co-worker was coming from the back and I told him we been robbed. And he said, 'Freeze,' but the dude didnt freeze, he was reaching in his pocket for his gun. So he shot him. My coworker shot him. So he went down. I kicked the gun away from him and called the police," Sims said.

The suspect was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Police said he will be charged with aggravated robbery.

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