Smell of Baked Goods Fills Northpark Center

Chefs are busy baking goods for the 32nd Annual Treats of Christmas  at NorthPark Center in Dallas on Saturday, Dec. 17.

The annual event is a partnership between NorthPark, The Texas Chef Association Dallas Chapter and the North Texas Food Bank.

Michelle Massey with the chefs association said sales from the Treats of Christmas benefit both the Texas Chef Association Dallas Chapter and North Texas Food Bank.

In an email Massey explained what the Texas Chef Association is and what it does:  

"The Texas Chef Association Dallas Chapter is part of the American Culinary Federation (ACF).  We are focused on education, employment and connecting professional chefs with culinary/pastry students and suppliers throughout the culinary industry.  The Dallas Chapter includes professional Dallas chefs that were the pioneers of creating the Dallas dining we have today. We are currently experiencing large growth due to the North Dallas restaurant boom and have several involved students in culinary schools being mentored by world class chefs to carry the torch.  The TCA is a non-profit organization and operates on fundraising.  Funding supports the operational running of the organization which includes education, scholarships and mentoring opportunities."

Massey said some of the chefs baking holiday treats include: Whitey Hershorn, Sysco; Herman Heimeyer, Hyatt "Chef of the Year," Texas Chef Association Dallas Chapter; Larry Goldstein catering/Larry; Juan Garcia LCCC, Morris Salerno-Bistecca; Norman Staley-Gourmet Foods; and Chef Pete Nolasco, Chef Pete Catering, Texas Chef Association Dallas Chapter – Director.

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