Skimming Devices Stumped Secret Service Agent

Identity theft trial continues in state court in Fort Worth

A Secret Service agent who is an expert on gas pump skimmers said Friday in court that he had never seen anything like the devices in a North Texas case.

Aleksandr Goukasian, who is accused of stealing thousands of credit and debit card account numbers across North Texas, is on trial in Tarrant County on felony identity charges.

He faces up to 99 years in state prison if convicted. In a deal last year with federal prosecutors, he pleaded guilty to a charge of using an unauthorized access device.

Jonathan Jacobs, a Secret Service agent, called the devices Goukasian is accused of installing unique and sophisticated. Jacobs said it took him several weeks to figure out how to extract information from them.

The devices came from gas pumps. A couple of the skimmers came from Goukasian's hotel room and his truck.

A man whose debit card information was stolen at a gas station in Plano also testified Friday afternoon. Brian Olsen said he never gave Goukasian permission to use his card.

The trial is expected finish up next week.

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